Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back from Boston NACIVT

Hello! We're back from Boston's North American Chinese Invitational Volleyball Tournament (http://boston.nacivt.com). Thanks to everyone who sent out good thoughts, helped us practice and all the other wonderfulness. I wanted to send an update on the trip/tournament to those who thought of us from Houston (and other cities).

Just to give everyone some background on the tournament:
The tournament was held outdoors in 3 parking lots near the Boston Herald newspaper. There were winds of 15-25 mph and the temperature was between 60-80s. A record of 92 teams competed of which 39 were women's teams and 53 were men's.

Houston Cowgirls (Pam, Pollyn, Jie, Tracie, Emily, Lina):
* Saturday, the first day, we played 4 matches (8 games). We tied 1:1 with Boston Freemasons White. We lost our match to iVball and Toronto Flying Tigers Orange. We won our match against New York Sirens. We tied for 3rd in the first pool with Boston Freemasons White. We played one game to break the tie and won to move on to Power Pool A.
* During Power Pool A we played Connex B and came close to winning one game of the two. We played Toronto Phoenix Alums and lost. We were then seated 4th in Pool B of the finals but we lost to Toronto Phoenix Fierce. Overall, we did the best this year in Boston compared to last year in Los Angeles and the year before in New York.

The guys (Edwin, Nick, Wei, Jonny, Galen):
*The guys played on Washington D.C. CYC Freemasons. They won their first match in the first round of finals against the Philadelphia Suns going into 3 games. They almost won their second match (second round of finals) against Boston Hurricanes. We have some video of the guys playing and will be posting that soon.

Next year the tournament will be held in Montreal inside the Montreal Convention Center. If you have anyone who would like to sponsor us, please let me know. Pictures will be posted on Facebook. If you need access to those, please email me.

Thank you again! I don't think we could have competed as well as we did with out your help. Thank you to Nghia, Hoang, Duy for giving us time at St. Chris's gym. Also to Bing for letting us practice during open gym Thursdays. Big Thank you goes to Steven for coaching us every week and to Tang and Brian for coaching us at the tournament. Looking forward to next year in Montreal.